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Real Estate

The practice of real estate law is much more than drafting deeds. A successful real estate transaction requires attorneys to serve not only as attorneys but also as problem-solving advisors focused on your business goals. The development of a business strategy and its precise execution are necessary for any successful real estate transaction.

Commercial Practice: Optimizing Clients' Real Estate Portfolio

To others it may be a building or a parcel of land. To us, it is an integral part of your business portfolio and financial future that must be optimized to its full potential. Our commercial real estate practice includes diverse and extensive knowledge and experience in land development, environmental matters, construction, regulatory and administrative issues, financing, acquisition and divestment, leasing and landlord-tenant matters.

Our depth of experience provides us with the knowledge base necessary to develop a solution to any problem you may face. The firm's clients include not only property developers and owners but also financial institutions, realtors, builders, engineers and architects.

Examples of the firm's commercial real estate practice include:

  • Shopping center development
  • Multi-tenant commercial properties
  • Land leases
  • 1031 exchanges
  • Land use
  • Residential rental properties
  • Subdivision establishment
  • Condominium creation
  • Mining royalty agreements
  • Commercial financing/funding
  • Easements and utilities

Residential Practice: Protecting Your Investment

Your home is often one of your greatest personal investments. A successful residential real estate transaction requires more than a real estate agent, it requires a knowledgeable, real estate attorney. Whether you are purchasing or selling, we ensure your investment is well protected.

Non-traditional residential properties such as condominium, rural and waterfront properties present both unique opportunities and challenges. We will assist you in fully understanding these opportunities and challenges prior to engaging in a transaction. The firm also has extensive experience establishing and managing legacy and trust properties to ensure their enjoyment by future generations.

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