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Collection/Creditor's Rights

Eau Claire Debt Collection Attorneys, Protecting Your Interests

As collections attorneys who understand the broader needs of businesses, our job is to protect your interests and assist you in obtaining payment. In bankruptcy and foreclosure proceedings and by other means, we will work to make sure that your revenues are maximized and your losses are mitigated.

Our attorneys are adept at numerous areas of debt collection and litigation. We serve both financial institutions and individual creditors in Wisconsin in securing payment on debts that they have struggled to collect through conventional means.

Optimizing Revenue, Mitigating Losses

Our lawyers are effective in facilitating the recovery of assets and payments on a wide variety of secured and unsecured debts. We have represented clients of all sizes in a variety of matters involving:

  • Collection of consumer and commercial debt
  • Bank-specific collection matters
  • Foreclosures
  • Bankruptcies
  • Replevins
  • Lien perfection
  • Secured transactions
  • Insurance claims

We can protect your business interests and manage the entire foreclosure and collection process on mortgages, secured commercial interests and consumer debts.

Wisconsin Creditors' Rights Attorneys

We represent creditors' rights in bankruptcy, foreclosure and collections. Contact our attorneys to find out more about our capabilities.

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